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The Rock Project is the UK & Ireland's premier school for children's contemporary music tuition. We offer group lessons in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals and the opportunity for young people aged 7-18 years old to put their musical skills into practice by performing regularly each week as part of a band.

Work with broadcasters from the industry, learn how to create and edit a podcast, interview guests and work towards hosting a radio show.

Get hands-on experience learning how to engineer live and studio sound using state-of-the-art equipment. Record musicians in our recording studio and do live sound at a number of live concerts in Exeter.


We run music masterclasses for adults and children across the UK, where industry experts spend time with the students, advising them on various aspects of performance, stage presence or how to make it in such a highly competitive field.

Work with a professional DJ to learn all the fundamentals of DJing and and work towards creating your own set.

We're delighted to host Sean Tucker-Clemens on Monday and Tuesday evenings.


We're delighted to host The Music Academy on Wednesday and Thursday evenings.

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