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The Cameron Mills Group is a leading-edge centre for music in the heart of Exeter, which provides inspiring, inclusive music lessons where children and adults can learn. We are home to rehearsal spaces and recording studios, private tuition and short courses.

We're here to make music accessible for everyone. Kids and adults. Beginners and professionals. Shy ones and confident ones. The Cameron Mills Group provides a safe, welcoming space where everyone can come and free the music that lies within them. We want each person that comes through our doors to experiment, grow and shine.  And whilst we represent some big names in music, we love working with new talent.


As a team, we're a passionate bunch, dedicated to building people's confidence and giving them opportunities they wouldn't find anywhere else. For our students, our teaching style is creative, informal, and above all, fun. There's no judgement or pressure under our roof. Only belief, positivity and music without limits. 


A personalised experience

Whoever you are, you get a dedicated, personalised experience with us. We're not a faceless institution where you never talk to the same person twice. Far from it. Whether you're being tutored, coached, managed or simply booking a space, we'll give you what you need on a very individual level.

You're joining a family

We're a big-hearted family. We inspire each other, communicate and boost each other up. We share things - stories, experiences, opportunities (and snacks!) 

Build genuine music industry connections

Whether you attend as a student, book a studio or join as talent, being part of the Cameron Mills Group family gives you an inside track to valuable industry opportunities and genuine connections.

Everything you could need under one roof

Imagine a place where you can use a rehearsal space or lay down a few tracks in a recording studio in the morning, do a photo or video shoot at lunchtime and record a podcast in the afternoon. That's our place. We have everything a musician could need all under one central Exeter roof. 


Hi! My name is Cameron, the owner of CMG and I am a Classic Brit award nominated singer, talent agent and podcast host, who has a huge passion for inspiring everyone and anyone to get involved with the Arts. I have created this big family in order to allow everyone to have the opportunity to access the Arts and to have a great time whilst doing it! I hope you enjoy looking at what we offer and if there is anything we can do to help, please reach out to us

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