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The Rock Project is the UK & Ireland's premier school for children's contemporary music tuition. We offer group lessons in electric guitar, bass guitar, drums and vocals and the opportunity for young people aged 7-18 years old to put their musical skills into practice by performing regularly each week as part of a band.

Each two-hour session includes an hour of tuition on guitar, bass guitar, drums or vocals, with a maximum of five students per tutor which is taught in separate rooms. In their lesson, they will not only learn their instrument, but a new song every two weeks. In the other hour, they all gather in the main room to put into practice what they have learned, and students will jam together and play the songs as a band. This is quite a social hour where students will make new friends and listen to each other play. We also run a music quiz every week and our younger junior students will play some music games.

Over the year, students will build up a set list of songs to perform in our summer gigs and every July when we host our big end-of-year gig!

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